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Fun print options to make your photos shine

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

It's exciting to print your photos from a photo session! While digital images are ephemeral, print your photo and it will be around for generations. There are so many great options to print, including clean contemporary options like acrylic or metal, on beautiful warm wood, on lightweight canvases which group together perfectly, or giclee prints on fine art paper which elevate your photo to museum quality.

If I could make one suggestion - GO BIG!  You will pay a little more upfront but you will enjoy it MUCH more than a tiny print. 

Each option shines in it's own way. 

Here's a guide to help decide what is the right print for you.


-acrylic is one of my favourite ways to print

-it works beautifully for portraits, and landscapes too

-acrylic prints give the sharpest outcome, with high quality photo paper bonded to an acrylic sheet

-prints can look three dimensional

-like metal and wood prints, acrylic prints hang on the wall with a floating back mounted frame, or with lag bolts for extra large prints

-acrylic is a stunning option for a modern, clean, contemporary style



-your photo is printed directly onto the canvas which is then stretched on handmade wooden frames

-it's lightweight and easy to hang

-the image is printed right to the edge which gives more printed area than if you have a frame and mat

-there are different options when it comes to the edge, you can mirror the photo around edge, or use a single unifying colour to tie several canvas prints together

-the canvas texture softens edges

-there are many cheap canvas printers out there but the quality matches the price. The company I use custom makes each frame, and every piece is finished with an archival coating to prevent fading

-canvas prints can be hung as they are, or framed in a floating frame

-canvas is beautiful and works well in most homes, and is a popular option



-your photo is printed directly onto metal

-colours are saturated and details are sharp so it works well for portraits

-this is a modern, clean and crisp option that works especially well for metal or shiny objects, and allows bright colours to shine

-a wooden hanger on the back allows the metal print to 'float' off the wall

-one option is to manipulate the photo so you can see the metal instead of white areas

-a spectacular and contemporary look



-wood prints are printed on light coloured maple or birch

-if you love wood, then this is for you

-prints have a warm and organic vibe

-each piece is unique as the grain of the wood is different for every piece and shows through on lighter parts of the picture.

-wood prints can be hung as is, or framed

-easy to hang with the included hanger on the back which floats it off the wall

-the wood softens details a little, and

-it is very successful with landscapes featuring sky or water, but also works well to create warm feeling portraits

-wood prints create a unique piece of art



-printing on fine art paper is an art in itself as there are so many papers to choose from

-giclee process, high end printers which have more nozzles, and a larger colour range than regular printers, resulting in a museum quality print

-papers can be flat, to linen, to bright white cotton rag paper, canvas, water colour and many more - I can help guide your choice

-the company I use for prints use the world's finest paper brands

-prints are UV protected to last for 100 years

-art prints come framed and with a mat

-if you want your photo to look like a piece of art, this option is for you


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