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American versus Canadian senior portraits

If you are American, you are familiar with senior portraits of your graduating high school student. Canadians might be thinking, wait, aren't senior photos for 65 plus?! Today I'm talking about the American version. What a fabulous idea!

A senior portrait is a terrific way to celebrate a milestone. Imagine a custom shoot where the resulting photos shine with personality. A relaxed photo walk that takes full advantage of beautiful natural light, several backdrops, AND the chance to change clothes for an additional look.

Contrast these shots with what my kids got for their graduation photo. A generic, slightly stained looking cap and gown shot, some holding a paper with a ribbon. It was completed in minutes and cost an arm and a leg! I'm not saying these should be abandoned. But, to be honest, senior photo sessions are way more fun.

See if these shots from a recent senior session with Elise convince you.

Elise is a graduating high school this year and heading across the border to go to school. The session was booked by her mom who was looking for a photo for a graduation announcement to be mailed to friends and relatives (another great tradition). Other photos can be used on social media, on their digital photo frame and to remember this slice of life.

Happy Graduation to all you seniors out there!

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