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Frequently asked questions:

Where is Heather Doyle Images located?

Port Credit area, Mississauga, Ontario.

Where do the sessions take place?
Session take place in Mississauga along Lake Ontario and the beautiful waterfront parks. If there is a specific location you have in mind I am happy to accommodate if possible.
How do I get hold of you if I have questions or want to book a session?

You contact me via email from this website (CONTACT page) , or by phone or message on the mobile site.

How do you know what type of photo I want?

There are a series of questions to help us get to know each other better, Every photo session is a little different. We connect and get the creativity flowing. Please take a look at the photos on the website as this will show the editing style.



What about timing?

Upon booking, we will set the time and date, and discuss locations. We choose a back-up day in case of rainy weather. The best light is early in the morning or in the early evening but if you are pressed for time we can make anything work.

How long does a session take? 

The sessions are one hour but if it takes a bit longer to get the photo we want, I'm up for it.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $150 for a 1 hour session, one location with three or four backdrops. This includes 10 edited, digital files for your personal use.  There is a $100 deposit at time of booking.


You are free to print the photos or use (with attribution) on social media. If you want, I can help navigate the printing process as I work closely with a boutique print shop for a quality archival product.. There are lots of interesting options such as printing on metal, acrylic or wood. For this, I charge 30 percent of the cost I pay the printer - it's all transparent.

What do we wear?

I always suggest a family think about their clothing ahead of time!  It doesn't have to match, but go for a coordinated look.  Maybe everyone wears button down shirts, pastel colours in the spring, or mustard yellows and deep reds for fall photos. Taking the time to consider your wardrobe adds up to a more polished portrait. Take a look to see what some of my families have worn to get ideas or read my post about this very topic.

I want to bring my dog...

Fantastic!! If you include the family pet please bring a thin leash, some treats, and a doggy bag. We can discuss specifics for other animals.

How does it work during the photo session?

We will go for a walk and have three or four different backdrops with different poses. After a few minutes you realize: "This is fun!" you start to relax, and we get the photos you want.

What is the next step?

In about a week I provide you with a link to a beautiful photo gallery site featuring 10-15 selected and edited photos which you can access with a computer or laptop.

Can I share the photos with friends and family?

Yes! Beside the link to the online gallery, I will create a mobile app for you to look at the pictures, so you can browse through them on  your mobile phone. 


This app allows you to share and download low resolution files to friends, family and social media. I keep the high resolution files for large prints or for purchase.


Before we begin you need to read the Digital Licence Agreement. (DLA)

The DLA basically states that the photographer retains the copyright to all photos and has the right to use the photos for promotion. When you purchase a digital file, it is for personal use only such as prints for yourself or family, or as a screensaver. You are not allowed to sell the photo or use commercially in any way. 

What are my print options?

There are so many great choices for printing.

Lately I have been doing a lot of canvases. It's flattering for portraits, it's lightweight to hang, it goes with almost any decor, and the picture fills the whole space. There is also a UV protection coating for archival quality.

Some other intriguing options to consider are​:

  • framed art paper prints on cotton rag

  • metal prints for colour pop and a sleek modern look and,

  • acrylic prints for a three dimensionality and modern feel

I can explain the properties of each type of print and show you some examples.. We decide on the size and the printing method and frame.

How long before I get the final product?

Approximately four weeks after we finalize the order you will have a a stunning picture to put on your wall, bringing you joy and happiness for many years to come.

What is the cancellation policy?

There is a $100 deposit to book a session. I know people get sick, and things come up unexpectedly, but I would appreciate as much notice as possible if you need to cancel. You can re-book within one year using that deposit. 

Anything else?
You feel glad you took the time to CAPTURE THE MOMENT!

If you are happy with the result, please tell your friends about Heather Doyle Images

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