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What to wear for a family portrait?

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

You've booked your family portrait. Now - panic- what do you wear?

A family of four is in front of a cottage. They are sitting on a bench with their dog in front. They are all wearing white shirts and blue jeans for a classic portrait look.
White shirts and blue jeans are always classic

First of all, be yourself. A portrait is supposed to reflect YOU!

Having said that, I always recommend doing some thinking about wardrobe.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do your family's clothes coordinate? A general cohesiveness allows you to shine, rather than clashing colours drawing your eye. It works well to go with a theme that is easy to comply with- jeans and dark tops for example, or even the classic and jeans and white shirts.

  • Are they of the same tone? All pastels or all neons will work better than a mix (that's extreme but you know what I mean)

  • Avoid small patterns or narrow stripes. They tend to create a miasma, or strange vibrating effect in pictures.

  • Is it comfortable? We often go for a walk along the waterfront so unless there's a reason to wear really painful shoes, please don't!

  • Does the colour flatter you?

  • Is your outfit classic enough to stand the test of time?

If you are stuck for ideas, check out what some of my families have worn. Pinterest is always a good resource, although there is a danger of getting sucked down the rabbit hole (speaking from personal experience).

Having a wardrobe plan allows you to relax and be confident you are looking your best. You and I will all be happier with the end result.

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