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Why get a portrait?

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

The first time we got a family portrait done, we bid on a package at a silent auction for a photo session and one picture. We showed up at Preston Haskell's Millpond in Niagara area. Our plan was to get a picture of our three kids. One of our sons was going through an uncooperative stage and we thought it would take a miracle to get him to sit through the session.

As it turns out, Preston Haskell is a miracle worker. Through farting noises, and silliness, and I think candy might have been involved, he got all three kids to sit on a fence and the photo of them laughing at him is priceless. Preston also convinced us to go down to the dock and do a family portrait.

When we came back to choose the photos, we were just going to get the picture of the kids, partly because we didn't have a lot of money, and that's what we came for. Someone at the studio gently suggested that we should really think about getting a photo of all of us. It is an artfully arranged photo with me seated, and Peter standing behind me, the kids leaning in. One son is sitting on the dock with his toe just touching the water. Weeping willows frame the pictures. Thankfully we did purchase that portrait. It documents a time in our lives, and I love that photo of ALL of us.

It's not that often that we get the entire family in one photo. A selfie with family in the background, or one person taking the picture and then switching with someone, or even setting up a tripod and running to get in the shot is not the same as having someone taking a family photo. One client with a young son said this recently of her family shoot: "We have so few pictures with both my husband and I in them, I really cherish these!"

There are sooooo many reasons to get a portrait done.

What are your reasons for wanting a portrait?

Sibling photo featuring a young woman and a young man.
When kids move away for work, it can get more difficult to get together for a family portrait.

Here are just a few reasons for a portrait plunge:

  • An updated family photo: The kids are young adults and the last time a family portrait was taken the kids are in grade school. Time to update.

  • Parents have requested a family photo for years but you don't have one. A framed print or canvas makes a great birthday/Christmas/special occasion gift.

  • Capturing the cuteness: You have a young family and everyone is changing so quickly.

  • A gathering of the clan: A family portrait creates a reason to get together, and the portrait is a physical reminder of that time together.

  • Quality: A professional photographer allows everyone to relax. You can leave it in the hands of someone who can direct the show, uses high quality equipment for enlargements, and brings a deep understanding of light, composition, and poses that make people look good, all for your benefit.

  • Meaningful present: You want to give a friend or family member something meaningful. A portrait session with one print is the perfect present.

  • The gift that keeps on giving: A canvas or print of you, your family or your pet continues to bring a smile to your face for years to come.

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